The Best in Class Personal Training Services at Reasonable Prices

Many individuals suffer from pain and side effects of injury these days. They search for the best suitable treatment to get rid of their pain as soon as possible. They can make contact with South Dublin Physical Therapy online. They can also dial 0863658815 (Brian) or 087 7982803 (Ben) to book an appointment for a Physical Therapy in Home.

About Brian

Brian is an experienced musculoskeletal physical therapist with a dedication to providing the most appropriate treatments for patients of any age group from the sporting or non sporting backgrounds.  He has expertise and years of experiences in this profession. He is known for his outstanding support and treatments to heal injury or weakness of ligaments, joints, muscles and tendons. He uses a holistic approach as efficiently as possible.

Many residents prefer Personal Training Services at this healthcare center confidently. They recommend these services to those who seek affordable yet outstanding services on time. This is because they understand how the natural therapy gives them the best support to throw out pain safe and sound.

About Ben


Ben is a qualified physical therapist. He is confident to apply his evidence based research approach for enhancing the overall quality of the treatment. He uses the most special therapeutic techniques along with rehabilitation programs for restoring functions and the overall balance of affected part of his patients.

A team of experts in the Dry Needling Therapy is available in this clinic at this time. This treatment involves the insertion of the acupuncture needle into muscular trigger points.  Experts in this treatment know how to use the acupuncture needle properly for enhancing the condition positively.  They increase the overall possibilities of biochemical changes within their patient’s body. This is because these positive changes reduce pain and release the trigger points out of harm’s way.

dry-needling therappy


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